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Customisation Policy

At WS Living - UAE previously known as wood and steel furniture's , we are pleased to offer customization options for a range of our products. To ensure a smooth and transparent process for both our customers and our team, we have developed the following policy for custom orders:

1. Pricing and Fees:

  • Custom pieces are not eligible for discounts. Additionally, a custom fee will be applied to cover the unique production requirements of personalized items.

2. Order Confirmation:

  • Once a custom order is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled, returned, or exchanged. This is due to the exclusive nature of custom-made products, crafted specifically for you.

3. Customization Process:

  • To request a custom piece, please reach out to our customer service team, who will guide you through the customization process. We will provide an estimated timeline for the production and delivery of your custom item.

4. Terms and Conditions:

  • By placing a custom order with WS Living - UAE, you agree to the terms outlined in our customization policy.

5. Customer Satisfaction:

  • It's our top priority to ensure that you are thrilled with your custom creation. We will work closely with you throughout the customization process to bring your vision to life.

Please feel free to contact at if you have any questions about our customization policy or require further assistance.